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Leticia and Mauro- Denver Clocktower

On Halloween a small group of people began their festivities with a gorgeous wedding in the Denver Clocktower. We were so privileged to get to be there to photograph it. It was such a unique experience to be inside of the iconic and historic building in downtown Denver. The weather was gorgeous…one of the last warm days before Old Man Winter decided to take up residence here for the season. Such a beautiful day for a wedding.


Leticia and Mauro- A Sneak Peek

What an awesome wedding we had the chance to photograph yesterday! It’s not everyday you get the chance to go up in one of Denver’s most awesome landmarks! The Denver Clocktower was just an incredible venue. We LOVED it. And we loved the couple. Here is one of our favorites of the gorgeous bride and groom! Congratulations, you two!


Heather and Jamison- Ft. Collins, Colorado

I love Fall weddings. The leaves are changing and the weather is just right. Sunset happens at just the right time. It’s just a gorgeous time to get married. Heather and Jamison chose an intimate wedding on the Colorado State University Campus at the Danforth Chapel. It was perfect!

Well…almost perfect. There is always at least one thing that goes wrong during a wedding. Sometimes the flowers are wrong or hair doesn’t behave as planned. Sometimes it rains like crazy. This time…I was the unexpected problem. I woke up the morning of Heather and Jamison’s wedding with a 102 degree temperature and a non-contagious infection. I tried napping before leaving for their wedding and taking some fever reducers, but I was still just not feeling good. But, it didn’t seem to matter. The bride and groom were such a handsome couple and the weather was so beautiful that I couldn’t help but be in good spirits. And the pictures turned out beautifully…even with the unexpected surprises.

Congratulations, Heather and Jamison! We wish you a lifetime of joy and happiness.