The most popular beauty brands worldwide revealed

L’Oréal Paris took the top spot as the most searched-for brand in the poll of 108 countries, with CoverGirl, Maybelline and NYX also drawing consumer clicks

A new poll has revealed which beauty brands are the most popular around the world, with French beauty behemoth L’Oréal and its stablemate brands leading the way as a clear consumer favourite.

Analysing Google Trends data from 108 countries, Tajmeeli, a cosmetics procedure site targeted at Arab consumers, set out to discover the most searched-for beauty brands by country and continent.

L’Oréal Paris dominated the polls as the most frequently searched brand in 25 countries, as well as ranking overall first in three continents: Europe, Asia and South America.

Coty-owned CoverGirl was its closest rival, taking the top spot in ten countries, while a further two L’Oréal-owned brands claimed joint third place: Maybelline and Nyx, topping the polls in six countries each.

Notably, these most popular brands share an affordable price point, suggesting that affordability may be a key consideration for beauty fans across the globe, despite other regional differences in beauty needs and trends that may influence consumers' search habits.

However, prestige beauty brands Givenchy, Dior and Guerlain were also among the global top 15, while celebrity star power proved to be a draw with Rihanna's Fenty Beauty and Kylie Jenner's Kylie Cosmetics the most sought-after brands in five and four countries, respectively.

In some countries, however, consumer loyalty was more split, with multiple brands sharing the most popular title; most notably in Hong Kong, where six brands were tied for the top spot: Chanel, Shiseido, Estée Lauder, NARS, Clarins, Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown.

The top 15 beauty brands worldwide by country

1. L’Oréal Paris (25 countries)

2. CoverGirl (10 countries)

3. Maybelline New York (6 countries)

4. Nyx (6 countries)

5. Avon (5 countries)

6. Elizabeth Arden (5 countries)

7. Fenty Beauty (5 countries)

8. Givenchy (5 countries)

9. Dior (5 countries)

10. Kylie Cosmetics (4 countries)

11. Max Factor (4 countries)

12. Revlon (4 countries)

13. Clarins (3 countries)

14. Guerlain (3 countries)

15. Too Faced (3 countries)