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How to access premium content?

To access premium content you need a paid Cosmetics Business subscription available from our subscription website.

A subscription offers unlimited access to all Cosmetics Business print and digital content.

How to sign in online?

The sign-in link is at the top right of the Cosmetics Business home page.

Your Username: Your username is the email address you used to register.

Your Password: Your password is either your Customer ID or can be self assigned in your Account area once signed-in.

How to find my customer ID?

  • On the invoice that you received when you subscribed
  • By requesting from
  • At the bottom of your daily Cosmetics Business eNews Alert

How to change my password?

Use your account area to change your password.

How to view digital editions?

Use your account area to view digital issues of Cosmetics Business magazine and the monthly Trend Reports.

How to get multi-user access?

Upgrading to the Cosmetics Business Plus+: Multi user licence means your entire team of colleagues will also be able to reap the benefits of our content.

Simply email with your subscriber details which are visible at the end of the daily newsletter from Cosmetics Business.

How to add colleagues to plus?

Plus+ is amazingly simple to operate. Anyone who is employed in the same company, in the same country and are signed up for the Cosmetics Business eNews Alert will automatically be able to use their own business email address and Customer ID to access premium content.

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